Best Indoor Watering Can - in 2019 Reviews

Watering can is not a necessity, nevertheless, you may find it hard to water your plants without it, especially for indoor plants. Indoor watering cans are usually made of metal, ceramic or plastic and are fairly compact and easy to carry with. On top of that, it can also be a good decoration choice for your home and garden.

Indoor watering cans have smaller capacity, usually less than half pounds, with which you can carry just enough water for indoor plants. They generally have a thin spout rather than a rose, a cap with small holes that break water into small droplets, which provides excellent navigation and pointing for water stream.

It’s quite difficult and time consuming to find a suitable, high quality watering can as there are huge amount of watering cans out there, where many of them have poor build quality or too expensive. In this post, we will go through the best indoor watering cans to help you make the decision.

Be careful though as these watering cans are quite small and are not designed for larger flowerbeds.

Cesun Metal Watering Can (30 oz - flowing) Reviews

    This metal watering can (flowing model) is the second-generation stainless-steel watering can, its handle has been re-built for a more comfortable holding and better styling. It is made of stainless steel that provides excellent rust and corrosion resistance and made to last long.

    The small size and lightweight design make it ideal for kids and people who have trouble holding heavier watering cans. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take much space to store.

    The only downside is this watering can only takes 30 oz of water, which requires a refill after watering a few plants. However, the capacity is perfect for indoor plants because you would not need to carry extra water and the super narrow long spout provides good watering precision.



    Comfortable and styling handle

    High built quality, stainless steel body

    Long spout, less spills



    Only carry 30 oz water

    Novelty Indoor Watering Can, 1/2 Gallon, Green Reviews

      If you have only a few indoor plants and flower boxes, then you probably wouldn’t need a large watering can. This exclusive watering can provides comfortable curved, loop handle. According to the manufacturer, it is made of high quality, uv-protected plastic that will last for years. This watering can is proudly made in US that’s supposed to have a good built quality.

      However, it is difficult to fill it full. Customers complain that filling it up too much will cause water shooting out from the spout. Some customers reported that it’s hard to water precisely with this watering can. Still, it is the beast for its price.



      Best affordable with high quality

      Made in US

      4 different color options


      Not good for hanging planters

      Impossible to fill the can fully

      Homarden Copper Colored Watering Can, 40oz Reviews

        This watering can has a retro design with long spout, with copper coated stainless steel body. It is perfect for indoor plants, and kids if they want to help a little with your garden. Its long spout can reach directly towards roots and won’t cause any spills.

        It holds 40 oz of water, which is small but ideal for those with succulents, hanging planters or only a few plants. You can place it right next to your plants since it is compact and beautiful.

        The combination of round handle and long spout make it easy o reach any plant and control the water flow precisely. It’s one of the best watering cans for wall planters.

        Retro design is great, but some water remains in the can and can’t be poured out completely.



        Retro design

        Precise watering

        Copper coated


        Small capacity

        Impossible to pour water out completely

        Bloem Aqua Rite Watering Can, 56 oz Reviews

          If budget is your only concern, you may want to try this one out. Bloem watering can is made of polypropylene plastic that withstands extreme weather conditions and keeps color for years. It was built with one-piece construction technology that eliminates leaks.

          The spout attachment is quite low that allows you to fill it without spilling on transport easily.

          The handle is reinforced that doesn’t break easily like other cheap plastic cans do. Some customers complain that the ridge at the bottom of the handle is not filed off, and the ridge may dig into hands. However, for its price, it is still a good choice.



          One-piece construction

          No leaks

          Budget concern


          Ridge is not filed

          Poor touch feeling

          THEKBS Plastic Watering Can Reviews

            If you want to bring unique stylish decoration to your home and garden, it will fit into the place. THEKBS watering can features in a modern material design that takes care of both styling and functioning. The capacity is 40 oz.

            This little watering can has a long spout that makes it easy to water hard to reach plants like hanging planters. However, customers will need to assemble this watering can on their own. Sometimes, it can get difficult to assemble because the spout has tight seal that requires some strength to screw into the can.



            Ultra-modern Design

            Great size for indoor plants

            Quick customer reply


            Takes some strength to assemble

            Palace Mini Stainless Steel Water Can Reviews

              If you prefer a modern, sleek and sophisticated style, this will be the best for you. E. Palace mini stainless steel water can is intended for indoor use, its high built quality with polished brushed stainless steel finish is designed to last long. The small and elegant watering spout makes it perfect for watering indoor house plants.

              This watering can comes with 2 sizes: 12 oz and 30 oz. The capacity is relatively small, but you wouldn’t need to carry extra weight while watering your plants.

              The unique design does not only provides modern and contemporary looking, but also serves a very functional purpose. Its long spout allows it to reach hard to reach plants and work in narrow spaces.

              Its semi-open top design makes refilling water easier than ever before, while the ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold. Most customers were happy with this product and left a positive review for the product.



              2 different capacities

              Compact design

              High built quality

              Positive rating


              It can be too small to use

              Burgon & Ball Indoor Watering Can Reviews

                Want to have galvanized steel indoor watering cans? No problem! With Burgon & Ball indoor watering can, you will find yourself tracing back to the galvanized steel feeling. This watering can was launched on January, 2019, and people are loving it.

                It is delivered within a special designed box. It has a perfect balance between styling and functioning. It features an elegant slender spout to ensure the water only goes into the planters without spilling. It’s got gorgeous RHS design of British hedgerow flowers with a selection of small birds set against a duck egg blue background. It’s too beautiful to be true.

                The capacity for this watering can is 1 liter, it’s perfect for indoor gardening.


                RHS Design

                Flora & Fauna Design

                Functional & Styling