Digital Outlet Timer

Cesun Outlet Timer

First-time Setup:

(Optional) If the screen does not light up, plug your timer into a power outlet and charge for 5 minutes, then hit the “R” button with a pointed object.

  1. Press the reset button to erase the previous programming. The reset button is located on the right side of the plug timer’s face. Use a pointed object like paperclip to hit it.
  2. Set the clock with the “Clock”, “Week”, “HOUR”, “Min” buttons. Start by pressing the “CLOCK” button and holding it down. While holding it, press the “HOUR” button consecutively until you reach the current hour. Next, while again holding the “CLOCK” button, press the “Min” button consecutively until the minute is correct. Finally, hold the “CLOCK” button again and press the “Week” button until the timer reads the correct day of the week.
  3. Set your timer for different events using the "Program/Prog" button. Our product can set up to 20 events. The default "Program" display is "1 ON." As you press the "Program" button, the display cycles through each event: "1 ON," "1 OFF, "2 ON, "2 OFF," all the way until “20 ON”, “20 OFF”. For each event, set the week (day of the event), hour, and minute, followed by the start time—which is "# ON"—for the appliance as well as the stop time, which is "# OFF." Few tips setting up events:
    1. Press the “week” button to cycle through each day or combination days of the week.(Click to see combinations)
    2. Use “Hour” and “Min” button to select specific time for the vent. Take a note of AM and PM hours.
  4. Use the “MODE” button to make the timer automatically operate your device. Pressing the button allows it cycling through “ON”, “OFF” and “AUTO”. Set timer to “Auto” allows it delivering power until next “OFF”. Timer set to “ON” behaves the same as plugging your device directly into the outlet. Vice versa, Setting timer to “OFF” cut off the power.
  5. Press & hold “Hour” button for 3 seconds with timer set to “Auto” to active random switching. After pressing and holding “Hour” for 3 seconds while the timer is in “Auto” mode, a “R” will appear above the clock symbol that flashes. Random mode means the timer can be switched ON for a random time interval from 10 to 26 minutes and be switched OFF for a random time interval from 26 to 42 minutes. To exit random mode, press and hold “Hour” button again for 3 seconds and “R” will disappear from the screen.

Few things to look out:

  1. Random function only works in “AUTO” mode, use “MODE” button to select “AUTO” before using random function.
  2. Press and hold “HOUR” again for 3 seconds to exit random mode.
  1. Now, the outlet timer is ready to go, plug the timer into an outlet and then plug your device into the timer!


       Combination days of the week: Monday through Friday              Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

                                                                  Saturday & Sunday                     Monday through Wednesday

                                                                  Monday through Saturday        Thursday through Saturday

                                                                  Monday through Sunday          Monday, Wednesday & Friday

         Appearance & parameter:

                            Maximum Load:                                     1850W

                            Type Plug-In:                                          E-Timer

                            Output Control:                                      Timer / Manual control                                                  

                           Installation:                                              Plug In Type.

                            Output Switch:                                        TUV R/C Relay.                                                    

                            Power Supply:                                         125V 60Hz

                            Program Back-Up:                                  Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery.                                               

                            Operate Temperature:                           0 ℃   to   + 55 ℃.

                            Display:                                                     LCD

                            Timer accuracy:                                       ± 1 sec/day. at 20 ℃.                                            

                            IP Level:                                                    IP20.

                            Programmable:                                       Every minute.                                                        


                            Multifunctional mini size E-Timer.

                            20 ON/OFF program settings.

                            1 countdown program for ON countdown switching.

                            Random ON/OFF switching.

                            Summer / winter time quick switching.

                            Manual ON/OFF/AUTO switching


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