Plant Seeds Properly

We have received several questions of growing seeds, we will be discussing when, what and where to plant seeds properly in this article.


When to plant my seeds?

We suggest planting your seeds indoors a few weeks before the frost date. The frost date depends on the climate zone you are in. Click here to look up your frost date. When the temperature gets warm enough (routinely around 70 Fahrenheits), the plants can be moved outdoor.


What plants do I grow?

For beginners, we suggest starting with easy-to-grow plants that will thrive in your environment. Here are some recommended plants to start with:

Vegetables: basil, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes.

Flowers: alyssum, cosmos, marigolds, and zinnias.


Where do I grow my seeds?

It’s a good practice to grow seeds in a wide, flat containers like Fabric Grow Bags. Using 1 bag per seed would provide enough room for seeds. The grow bags encourage excellent drainage on all sides. You may also use your own containers, make sure to poke drainage holes at the bottom of the containers before you plant the seeds.


My seeds are growing poorly, what should I do?

If the seeds are growing poorly, try moving out the seeds, cleaning the old soil and replanting the seeds with fresh soil. The seeds now will be growing quicker and better.


What do seedlings need?

Growing seedlings require proper watering, sunlight exposure, good temperature and location.


We wish you a pleasant planting with your seeds!

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