Growbag VS Pots

Are you wondering the benefits using grow bags versus pots? This article discusses the differences between the two.

 Grow bags vs Traditional Pots

Plant Healthiness

The main problem with the planting pots is roots growing in circle entangling themselves. This increases the likelihood of having oxygenation or water issues. When the roots reach the edge of a pot, they continue growing seeking for water and nutrients causing them to begin encircling the pot. The stem of the plant also become constricted leading to tissue damage and water/oxygen intake. While the green parts of the plants breath CO2, roots actually take O2.

However, with the grow bag, when roots reaching the edge of the bag, they sense the drier soil that is exposed to the air. They know they have reached the growth limit. The roots become “air-pruned” which is vital to growing healthy plants. The plant will also have more fibrous roots when air pruned; root systems with more fibrous are ideal for plants in containers because they help plants to take more nutrients and water.


Temperature Control

During summer time, plastic pots under direct sunlight may get too hot to keep the plants healthy. Since the grow bags are made of breathable fabric, they will release the excessive heat to the open environment.


Moisture Control

Grow bags usually requires more frequent watering, however, it is not likely to over water plants since the grow bag will wick out the excess moisture. When watering the plants in plastic pots, excessive water may drown the plants.


Easily Moving Around

Grow bags are made of fibric and weigh less than traditional pots. Moreover, our grow bags have handles attached making them easy to move to different locations. Grow bags can also be planted directly in the ground as fabric grow bags are biodegradable.


Drawbacks of Grow bags

With all the benefits grow bags provide, there are some drawbacks. Lacking of structural strength makes it harder to move when the bags are over 20 gallons.


Short History of GrowBag

Grow bags were first introduced in the 1970s. Before they came out, gardeners/famers would have to replace soil for each season between crops to prevent diseases in the ground.


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