Build A Simple Flower Tower

  • by Sam Qian
Build A Simple Flower Tower

Searching for different planting styles? This vertical flower tower may meet your needs. It is simple to make and gives vertical burst of color.


Supplies Need:

  • 5 standard terra cotta pots in these sizes: 14”, 12”, 10”, 8” and 6”
  • 2 cubic foot bag of potting soil
  • 5” terracotta saucer (only if planting outside of garden)
  • 48” dowel rod or rebar rod
  • 20-30 annual plants


First, place the saucer at the location you want your tower flower to stand and place the 14” pot on top of that. You will find the tower difficult to move when everything is done. Next, fill in the pot with potting soil, be sure to leave 3 inches space from the rim. If the tower is on garden, don’t use the saucer.


Then, it’s the time to put the dowel rod into the center of the 14” pot through the soil. The rod will stable the flower tower and prevents it toppling over at a gust of wind. If the flower tower is on garden, push the rod a bit harder into the ground for about 5-6 inches. That will ensure the stability of the flower tower.


Next, take the 12” pot and thread it onto the rod through its drainage hole. And then add soil to that pot. Keep doing this process for 10”, 8” and 6” pots until all 5 pots are threaded on the dowel rod. The only thing left behind is to fill the pots with beautiful flowers. As we can see now, there is only about an inch of space for planting, so try to use annuals that would fit small containers.

Although there are many choices of flowers out there, here are some tips, keep them in mind:

  • Flowing, cascading, and mounding annuals work best. Tall, upright flowers like zinnias and sunflowers will not work. Look below for my favorite varieties to use for this project.
  • If it's in a hanging basket in the nursery or garden center, it is a good selection. Just look around for the 6 or 4-packs of the flowers or ask an employee for help finding the same varieties.
  • Keep in mind the location of the tower when selecting the flowers. The basic rules of gardening still apply here. Sun plants need sun. Shade plants thrive in the shade.
  • The best flowers should have a bloom of one to two inches.


Now, the flower tower is built. But the job has not done yet, flower tower gets extremely thirsty, especially them on the top container, if you want to have a beautiful flower tower throughout the summer, be sure to water the flower and the POTs. If only flowers are watered, the pots are very likely to absorb moisture in the soil, and eventually, dry out the soil again.


At this point, a simple flower tower has been built! Congratulations!


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