An In-depth Review of Metal Garden Hose

  • by Sam Qian
An In-depth Review of Metal Garden Hose

Cesun Garden HoseWhen it comes to supplying and distributing water in your garden, you need a hose. But what type should you get?

Hi, I am Sam from Cesun Tech, a garden hose user and seller, I am going to take an in-depth at garden hoses, specifically, metal garden hose and let you decide if it’s worth the money. I’d also like to hear your experiences, so please drop your comments below.


Medium to High Cost

Of the 3 types of garden hose that exists, rubber hose costs the least, with a 50-foot rubber hose costing about 20 USD while expandable garden hoses and metal garden hoses cost about 30 USD. If your primary concern is cost, then the rubber hose is probably your best bet.


Let’s take a look at the advantages of a metal hose relative to an expanded or common rubber hose.

Cesun Tech Metal Garden Hose Price: 12.99-59.99


Eliminate Leaks

Garden Hose LeakingWhen it comes to ranking garden hoses, one of the most important criteria used is their resistance to leaks. In this section of the review, we assume that no external forces are acting on the hose that can cause leaks. There are three major garden hoses on the market today, the old fashion green rubber hose, expandable hose, and metal garden hose. I have used both the expandable and metal hoses for years, and personally, I prefer metal hose simply because it leaks less often.



Due to the expandable feature that comes with expandable hoses, the inner rubber hose gets easily damaged when the hose expands. You can’t see it, but when the hose expands, the outer fabric material rubs and cuts the inner tube, which causes the hose to start leaking. However, when it comes to the metal garden hoses, the stainless-steel shell protects the inner tube from any likelihood of damage.


Even though the inner tube of the metal garden hose is well protected, it is common for leaks to occur at the fittings. However, a good hose washer should stop leakages.


Kink Resistance
Cesun Tech Metal Garden Hose No Kink

Hoses develop kinks because they’ve been rolled or looped up. Kinks can lead to cracks and leaks and further impedes water flow and cause the hose to blow apart from the force of the water coming from the tap, it is a big issue for rubber hoses.


The kinking issue has been solved to a large extent in metal and expandable hoses. The strong stainless steel protects the hose from bending. According to our study, bending and kinking happen the most often on the ends of metal garden hoses, thus, Cesun Tech gives extra reinforcement and protection, in the form of a plastic cover at each end which stops extreme bending, kinking and breaking.


High Durability

Dog Bites Metal Garden HoseDo you have pets such as dogs that bite your garden hoses? If you do, the metal garden hose is a perfect choice for you. The stainless-steel shell protects the inner hose from animal bites, thorn bushes, and tough nails.


We tested our metal hoses by asking costumers tried to run over them with their vehicles. As was our expectation, some of the hoses broke down while others still worked but had a part of the hose flattened. Running over a hose with any types of wheels is definitely one of the things you should never try.


Mobility & Weight

Weight matters a lot, especially when it comes to moving the garden hose all over the garden and flower beds. A 25-foot metal garden hose weighs less than 3 lbs; 50-foot hose weighs less than 5 lbs; 75-foot hose weighs less than 8 lbs; 100-foot hose weighs less than 10 lbs.


Take a 50-foot garden hose as an example, a metal garden hose weighs 2 to 3 pounds more than the expandable garden hose. What about rubber hoses? Well, the rubber hose is a mobility killer as its weight triples when compared to the expandable garden hose.


Arranged in decreasing order of weight, we have: Rubber Garden Hose > Metal Garden Hose > Expandable Garden hose.


Winter Handling

The metal garden hose handles cold weather pretty well as it remains flexible and durable. When it comes to extremely cold weather; however, rubber hose handles better because the rubber hoses’ material is more durable than the rubber tubes within the expandable and metal garden hoses . You should, however, be careful with excessive water on icy days as it becomes super slippy. 


Please use garden hoses with caution in winter, wear gloves, and clear water in the tube after each use.


Fascinating Summer Handling

In hot summer days, most materials exposed to direct sunlight break down more than usual, especially for materials like rubber, of which the garden hoses are made. Nevertheless, a metal garden hose can withstand full sunlight, the silver metal shell reflects most of harmful sunlight and UV and keeps the hose cool to the touch on hot days such as in Arizona.


Easy Maneuvering

The steel shell uses inter-locking technology that gives both strength and flexibility to the hose. The metal garden hose can be bend in any direction, allowing for easy maneuvering across your garden


Easy Cleansing

You might have experienced dirt or spider webs sticking on your garden hose. With a metal garden hose, rinsing the steel shell is enough to wash off the dirt and make the hose shine again.


Cons: Thinner Diameter

Garden Hose Diameters

Metal garden hose’s diameter is 3/8-inch while the traditional rubber hose can have diameters up to 3/4 inches. Please keep in mind that the bigger the diameter, the water is delivered faster, but, the pressure is weaker


Cesun Tech optimized the fittings that help reduce water turbulence and eventually increase water delivery. Customers reviewed our garden hose fittings, saying “thinner diameter of the hose did not lessen the rate of water delivery.”

Cons: Rust & Corrosion

We can’t talk about metal without mentioning rust and corrosion. Even with the premium 304 stainless steel, rust and corrosion show up occasionally. Many factors can cause rust and corrosion, such as salty environment and extreme weather condition. Be sure to purchase metal garden hoses with WARRANTY.


Cons: Breaking upon Horizontal Stretching

The structure of the stainless-steel shell will likely get damaged if a strong force is applied that stretches the hose. The image below shows how the metal garden hose can be damaged due to stretching.

 Metal Garden Hose Break

Cons: Breaking upon Twisting

Please do not try this at home, the garden hose gets damaged easily when it’s twisted. Please refer to the image of horizontal stretching damage above as the hose breaks the same way as stretching. Nonetheless, the garden hose will not break easily unless it’s twisted on purpose.


Cons: Noise

Although noise is not really a dealbreaker people who purchase garden hoses, one of our customers left a comment, “The garden hose makes noise as I uncoil it to water the garden”. So, if you do care about the noise, expandable garden hose and traditional rubber hose do create less noise.


Why choose Cesun Tech?

Cesun Tech metal garden hose uses premium stainless steel and the most advanced construction technology. Specially formulated rubber gives extra durability and flexibility while not sacrificing its lifespan. Our garden hoses can connect one another to meet any length you need. Our metal garden hose can withstand all weather conditions, and is light, flexible, durable, and does not kink or leak. All garden hoses sold by Cesun Tech are covered with a 45-day money back and 12-month replacement guarantee. We believe that our garden hose will be your best garden-mate.


I am glad to be part of Cesun Tech because we take time researching and fining our products. Unlike other companies that work for the most profit while sacrificing users’ experiences. Our garden hoses are constantly being updated, many of the updates fix minor issues. If you are experiencing any issues with your hoses, be sure to leave a comment below or send us an email.

Customer’s voice on other brands

Customers complaints that the fittings fall off the metal garden hose. A customer’s review on another brand says, “This kind of water hose is not worth buying as everything they say is not true. The material chips and they break very easily. After it broke in our patio during the night, it cost us $100.00 extra on our water bill. And lastly, the manufacturers don’t want to take responsibility for the fault and replace the product”.

That issue is common for cheap, low-end garden hoses. We ]noticed this issue when we developed our first metal garden hose, and reinforced the fittings attachment to secure the coupling and ensure that it doesn’t fail on service.


We also had a comparison between expandable garden hose and metal garden hose previously to help you decide which to buy.



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